Jean-François Brahin - Painter Artist France

Jean-François Brahin presents some of the themes he is working on. For more than 25 years, they have allowed him to expand his palette without losing his writing, his style of expression, this diversity constantly avoiding redo, creativity is thus continuously stimulated.

The themes you will find: Femininity, Sacred Art, Provence, Poetry, Theater, Music, and excerpts from my research on creative design and furniture.

Jean-François Brahin has his studio at Pont Saint Esprit in Gard (France).

The painter permanently exposes:

  • Paris, Rouan Gallery (in the marsh, facing the Temple tile) 3 rue Perrée 75003
  • Avignon, Atezart Michel Perrier Gallery, 6 bis Rue Folco de Baroncelli 84000
  • Arles, Galerie n°5, rue du Palais
  • Luxembourg, Antwerp, Lausanne, Lyon Gallery Art-69, Art Fair
  • SIAC of Marseille



What the philosopher Benjamin ORCAJADA says about the artist

Jean-François Brahin, painter of light ...

"Here is one who intends to work". It was through this arrest before the counter of an art supplier cluttered with paintings that I met Jean-François Brahin who introduced himself as "artist" too. Stung by curiosity I visited his studio. No doubt ; affirmation confirmed. He was a seasoned and prolific artist. I learned that following the death of his young wife he changed his profession and returned to painting as religion. The painting became his daily life and he worked hard on it in view of the many beautiful works that populated the place. He had already given donations since his youth, but now it was serious. Galleries, Salons, Museums, repeated stays in San Francisco ... And 15 years of permanent exhibition in Gallery of the famous village of Baux de Provence which also honored it in its museum.

His successes were deserved. He drew his inspiration from his passion for historical, philosophical, poetic readings, in the music that enchanted him, in his travels, in the emotion of the beauty of female bodies. lives in him a "Provençal Painter". He remained so when he went through the streets of Paris for the Galerie Rouan, whose paintings he adorned. His works were able to resist "easy art", the temptation to tease the amateur, so pregnant in figurative painting. Just visit his site to have the heart net. One sees there everywhere the mark of a painter of the light and the Dionysiac and Mediterranean feast. It's the show in Arcadia of a happy life. Those who have stamped him "Matissian Painter" have just seen how the dexterity of his pictorial writing and his clear gold palette in so warm tones were the perpetual dazzle of a living heart.


Published works:
"Voir et Savoir - "De la Peinture à la Philosophie"
"La Gloire du Paon - Ontologie de la Peinture"



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