Jean-François Brahin, French Painter Artist

Born in Uzés (Gard), the painter works and lives in Pont Saint Esprit (workshop). He exhibits in France and various other countries.

Drawing his inspiration for more than 30 years from Matisse, Picasso and the painters of the Renaissance, he develops remarkable work, by weaving together all his emotions and referring at the same time to French and Anglo-saxon Poetry, to History (The French Revolution), to Sacred Art (The Passion, The Last Supper) as well as to Mediterrenean landscapes and colours which teint his paintings and his life.

Variety of themes, multiplicity of processing and supports (portraits, landscapes, allegories, fragments of a poem inspiring directly the pictorial symbolization) carried out in a style in which its modern expression incorporates all naturally sensuality and tenderness.

Since 2014, Jean-François BRAHIN is exhibited at the Museum of the city of Baux de Provence and in the collection of museums in France.


Video presenting the career and work of Jean-François Brahin