Catremain Concept

Brigitte Pérez and Jean François Brahin are Catremain

Both members of "Collectif Art & Co", Brigitte, a painter dedicated to abstract art and Jean François, figurative painter, decided to join forces to create "four-handed" works that could offer them new works. creative possibilities.

It is on the funds full of energy, made by Brigitte and that Jean François interprets with his own sensitivity that this joint creation finds all its meaning.

These original works, often made with gold leaf

Like "the woman who carries the world", "The dance", "The mountain of Sète" or even "The golden tree" possess a strong evocative power, solicit the imagination and push to the reverie.

These works have been exhibited in Paris and Marseille in contemporary art fairs as well as recently in London at the Royal Arcade Galery.

The two artists, however, retain their autonomy and always propose individual creations, each keeping its particular invoice.



01 Catremain Concept
02 Catremain Concept
03 Catremain Concept


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